Pre-Hunt Information

New Life Taxidermy is happy to assist hunters with their pre-hunt needs. These include help planning the trip and giving advice on field care and getting trophies back home. A little preparation up front can make all the difference in the finished mount and we are here to help.

Before the Hunt
No matter if you are just beginning to plan your hunting excursion or you are about to get on the plane, it is important to contact us prior to your hunt. We can offer advice on various outfitters and help you choose one that fits your needs. If you already have the details of the trip nailed down, we can offer our expertise concerning field care and importation of your trophies.

Let Us Help
By contacting New Life Taxidermy prior to your hunt, we can help ease the potential headaches associated with hunting here in the U.S. and abroad. For domestic hunters, we provide shipping tags that your outfitter can use to ship your trophies directly to our studio. For hunters who are traveling abroad, we can offer advice and assistance on importing your trophies into the U.S. If you already have your trophies in the U.S., we can provide pre-paid FedEx labels for your shipping convenience. Simply box the trophies, attach the label, and we will call for FedEx to pick the shipment up at your home or office. It doesn't get any easier than that. We offer all of these services to help ensure that your trophies are received in good condition, with all the necessary paperwork required by law, and with your maximum convenience in mind.

Once Your Trophies are Received
All domestic and some foreign trophies are received directly in the studio. For restricted shipments, we work with USDA approved facilities that are near our studio. Once we have your trophies in the studio, we unpack them and check thoroughly for any damage that might have occurred in the packing and shipping process. We will inventory all your items and we will contact you the same day. At that time, your instructions for your order will be finalized and we can begin creating your personalized work of wildlife art. It is helpful if you have an idea of how you would like your trophy displayed prior to our receiving it. This helps get the taxidermy process started faster and helps reduce any possible delays in getting your mount completed.

Once we have your trophies in-house and we have discussed your detailed instructions for how you would like to have your trophies displayed, we will mail, fax, or email an invoice and contract for your approval. If everything is in order, simply sign and mail the contract back to our studio with a 50% deposit. You may call the studio if you wish to use a credit card to make the deposit. Once we receive the deposit and the signed contract, we will begin creating your custom mount.
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