Shipping & Delivery Information

We at New Life Taxidermy realize how difficult it is to find a reputable, high quality taxidermist who treats clients with respect and integrity. In some areas, that task is impossible. For this reason, we offer shipping of trophies anywhere in the continental U.S. While this is definitely not the cheapest option, when it comes to your trophies that you have worked so hard for and invested so much in, the shipping costs pale in comparison. We have literally shipped trophies all over the country with great success. By offering this service, our out-of-town clients can be assured they are getting the quality of New Life Taxidermy's award-winning wildlife artistry delivered right to their front door.

Shipping Options
We offer a variety of shipping options to our clients. For smaller pieces, standard carriers such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx are used. For larger shipments, we are able to use freight carriers with whom we receive corporate rates and discounts. For extremely large shipments, we use company trucks and trailers to personally deliver the trophies to your home or business. We also have a variety of other creative shipping avenues available for our clients. We discuss all shipping options up front with clients to ensure there are no surprises when your trophies are ready to ship. Although we cannot quote rates six months out, we are able to give fairly accurate quotations when we receive your trophies.

Local Delivery
For our local clients, we offer pickup and delivery of trophies at your home or office. Although this service is not free, the costs are very reasonable. The convenience of this service is just one more way that New Life Taxidermy serves our valued clients.

Packing of Trophies
When shipping trophies, we utilize only the best packing materials to ensure the safe arrival of your mounts. As with shipping charges, any packing charges will be discussed up front. There are a number of taxidermy studios that use packing as a "hidden fee" that is not disclosed until the trophies are ready to ship. By holding your trophy hostage, these studios charge exorbitant packing fees. We will never charge more than the actual materials and labor required to safely pack your trophies.
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